May 6, 2008

Another Day, Another Wayne

Waz up? I was browsing the internet for new shoes, because when you are afflicted with Fred Munster-sized feet, that's what you do, and I spied these kicks. Orange is the new black, Dog!

With these on my feets and my ride all pimped out, I'll be rolling up on some sweet young ladies. Ya feel me?

This is firecracker plant, also called coral plant. It loves the heat and mild winters. It adds nice color and attracts bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

In our news this morning was this article. Sam Eliot didn't kill his brother, neither did Bob Eliot. Jim, Joe or Ray Eliot? No way. No sir, it was Wayne Eliot of McNeal, AZ. who settled his brotherly dispute with bullets.

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Kurt said...

Question: Do you think my sunflowers will grow in the shade?

Chedwick University said...

We're glad to see you are spending The Dean's Fund wisely.

The Trustees

Dan Wayne Sims said...

The pope J. Wayne Ratzinger wears reddish orange slip ons, so you guys are like twinsies, Dog!

Steve said...

Love the firecracker plant -- but the "Wayne" trend is getting a little frightening! I'm going to start looking cross-eyed at anyone I know named Wayne.

(Do I know anyone named Wayne?)

Anonymous said...

Is Fred Munster related to Herman Flintstone?

Julia said...

New Balance fan here. I search for shoes online for my giant feet. I think I have it bad, but I really feel bad for drag queens.