Mar 3, 2008


"Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn."
- Lewis Grizzard

Lewis may have been right, but I think that the wind is a high price to pay for the awakening of Spring. I hate the wind.

Yesterday we had a day long cold wind from the west. Today it was equally cool , but the wind was out of the east. Go figure.

Before the wind came up this morning I raked leaves in the back patio and generally cleaned up a bit. That was not a waste of time, but looking at it now, it's hard to see that I did much.

We have a large Southern Live Oak tree and for reasons that are a mystery to biologists, it keeps its leaves through the Winter and then over the course of just a few days, drops them in Spring.

I had lunch with my pals, Lonnie and Chuck today. Monday is my only day off work this week. Chuck, who is ninety, was complaining about having taken his new car to the dealer for routine service. He thinks that they rooked him. You think? He paid sixty bucks to have the oil changed and a "safety check" done. The car has less than five thousand miles on it.

Chuck said that the guy at the dealer was telling him that regular maintenance was important in order to keep the five-year extended warranty valid. Chuck told the guy that when you are ninety, a five-year extended warranty is not all that big a concern. Chuck is not exactly right on that one though. The life expectancy for a healthy male, aged ninety is 3.9 years. He better keep that oil changed.

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Squirrel said...

wind is nice inn theory, but the reality is I get earaches even though my ears are rather furry inside.

Kurt said...

They'll do anything to get out of that warranty. I think you can have the maintenance done by any certified mechanic. You just have to save the receipts to show you had the scheduled work done.

taco fetishist said...

The wind knocked over my FEMA trailer once. Well, it was more of a strong breeze.

Steve said...

I actually like windy days. But then, I don't have leaves to rake.

Nan Patience said...

Hi Merle!

You hate the wind. Hmm. Now that you say it, I think I might, too. I mean, it's great for sailing as long as it's not too strong, and I like to watch it blow across fields of grass, but anything above a strong breeze frightens me. We get a fierce wind out of the north during the winter, and when it slams and whistles through the bare oaks, it's truly a gruesome sound. Also it blows my hat off.

No offense to your friend Chuck, and I tend to agree he got soaked for the oil change and shame on them for the insult to someone who lived through the Great Depression and knows the value of a dollar, I do think that at 90, it was he himself who most likely needs a safety check. I say, impose an annual driver's test for all retirees.