Mar 2, 2008

Random Photos

My first real rose of the year. This rose is a hybrid tea called Rosa 'Mirandy'. It has a red to deep pink coloration and is very fragrant for a hybrid tea rose. The Brothers Sneed chat in the background.

This is a picture of a light pole in the parking lot of a brake shop around the corner. This plant, I think its cat claw, has overtaken the pole. It reminds me of some alien creature.

Ever wonder what happened to Groucho's hair after he died? This poor mesquite tree has been whacked back pretty severely by the power company. I am never in favor of cutting down trees, but this one looks pretty sad and maybe cutting it down would be best.

Evening in the desert.

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Anonymous said...


Kurt said...

duran, you have my attention. Now what?

I wish you had posted this Friday, because tea rose was one of the answers to the Friday NYT crossword. It sounded like something I'd heard before, so I guessed it.

Chedwick University said...

That rose is beautiful--

Steve said...

It drives me nuts when power companies do that to trees. And why do they do it in the desert? It's not like you're going to get a hurricane.

Bob Dylan said...

Good question--why DO power companies cut the trees that are not at all likely to fall and take down the wires? Is it is provide repair access? why?