Mar 12, 2008

Petunias are very popular around here, chiefly because with minimal care they flourish.

Among the new roses that I planted this year are these two, called Golden Glow and Chicago Peace.

Ched wondered if the New York New York Hotel still smells like sour milk? I guess I never thought of it like that, but it definitely still has the same smell. There must be some tricky science of smell, because each casino has a distinctive odor to it.

Speaking of odor to it, the building craze in Las Vegas has increased the population of timeshare scum to record levels. These losers are everywhere.

Timeshares are one of the worst purchases you can make. I apologize in advance to anyone who owns a timeshare, but unless you are the one person in a million who enjoys being trapped into one, you have no doubt come to realize what a bad deal they are. If you do the math honestly, you can stay in a very nice hotel much cheaper than owning a timeshare.

The lovely Mrs. Sneed and I have developed, or stolen the only surefire way to avoid these people. When approaching or exiting any hotel in Vegas, we split up. The timeshare people only prey upon couples.

We did have a light-hearted moment with someone trying to hustle us as we passed by. It wasn't a timeshare, but rather a guy with a couple of water massage machines set up in the walkway of one of the casinos.

As we tried to avoid eye contact, he stepped into our path and told us he had just what we needed for only $30 bucks. Mrs. Sneed put her head down and barraged right past him. As we walked away he shouted, "Twenty bucks...ten bucks...okay free, you can't turn down free." I'm guessing he didn't really mean free.

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dennis said...

Dennis likes flowers.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I sympathize with you on the guys trying to get you to stop and buy. Thanx for the splitting tip.

How did you do at the blackjack table?

Julia said...

Apparently you can turn down free.

We sat through a timeshare talk once because the coupons they were giving away were excellent. I didn't know they would split off each couple after the talk to harass them into buying. We fulfilled our requirements and got our coupons, and promptly lost them on our way back to the car.

Kurt said...

The water massage thing is free if you go to a presentation about a timeshare.

I know a guy who has a timeshare at a place in Hawaii that is highly sought after, and he uses a timeshare trading web site to trade his two weeks there for four weeks in other places.

Squirrel said...
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Squirrel said...

I did even better than Kurt's friend--I traded my one week timeshare in Montreal for 34 weeks in Serbia. I hope Serbia is way funner than Montreal!