Feb 27, 2008

My two guys wearing the Robin Hood hats the lovely Mrs. Sneed got for them.

It has been a hectic couple of days around here. Hence, no post yesterday.

I had an early doctor's appointment yesterday, followed by one for Son Sneed way across town. I followed that with lunch with my friends and another doctor appointment for Son Sneed. Anyway, I was all tied up.

I had an interesting request at work today. You learn something new everyday when you work in a hardware store.

Right before closing a couple of stoners came in asking for grow bulbs. Their story was that they had some houseplants that they wanted to make look as nice as possible. they didn't look like guys worried about Dieffenbachia. Call it a hunch.

I showed them our plant light bulbs. These bulbs are specifically designed to give the best appearance to your houseplants, but only visually, not through enhanced growth or anything.

Stoner one casually asked if I had any metal halide bulbs. When I told him no, he asked for high-pressure sodium bulbs. Those I had, but he didn't have a lamp that they would work in, so that was out. I suspected that he and Dumber wanted to grow their own pot and this site confirms my hunch. At least they weren't looking for bomb parts or something.

Speaking of dumber, a pain in my butt named Jason, is barraging my site with spam. His pathetic emails explain that he made $900 working part time and gives a link so that I can make $900 too. I've marked it as spam, so maybe Google will block further exciting offers like this. I refuse to enable word verification just to avoid these piles of crap.

There is a certain class of people who spend their lives trying to make the easy money. I've long thought that this class of people, who just move from one scam to the next, should be declared a public nuisance and incarcerated for a long term. Maybe that would discourage them.

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Squirrel said...

Hey, Nyack has several Hydroponic shops...well two hydroponic shops--for people who want to grow tomatoes indoors, get it? Stoners must love growing tomatoes because that's the only people I ever see coming and going.

Steve said...

I enabled word verification long ago for that very reason. It's a pain, and I hate to do it to everyone, but it's a necessity.

Funny story about the pot growers!

Kurt said...

If i was going to grow pot, I would get my hair cut short and wear slacks and a sweater. No one would ever be suspicious of me!