Feb 28, 2008

Deposit, I A'int Seen No Stinkin' Deposit

Many a Merry Man in old Sherwood Forest was injured making this mistake.

We had eighty degree weather today. That seems warm for February, but it is probably close to normal. I have all my pots replanted. I bought three new rose bushes yesterday and some giant pots to put two of them in. I just love roses.

I went out with the usual suspects for golf this morning. The Seafood King and Seafood Jr. were distracted by calls from workers at The Seafood King's restaurants and of course, they distracted me by being distracted.

The first problem was a missing bank deposit from yesterday's receipts for one of the locations. That caused about twenty-five calls, mostly to Seafood Jr., although it seemed like one long call.

In the midst of that hullabaloo, some boneheads from one of the other locations called Jr. to say that the day manager had lost her keys and they were all locked out of the building. That took several more calls to unravel, but in the end someone went and let them in.

Finally, someone called to say that the missing deposit was found and all ended well.

Operating restaurants, even fast food ones, is a tough gig. So many things can go wrong.

We all stopped for lunch after gold and we were joined by Mrs. Seafood King. The Seafood King had some important documents that needed to be notarized and the plan was for him and Mrs. Seafood to go to the bank after lunch. Luckily I happen to be a notary, a function I used at my last job, so I saved them a trip to the bank.

Hardware man, golfer, bowler, gardener, handsome son-of-a-gun and notary to boot. Am I an impressive guy, or what? No need to answer.

The lovely Mrs. Sneed and Daughter Sneed claim to be in Phoenix for some sort of therapy conference. They say that they will be back early Saturday evening. In the mean time my pal Noah is spending the night with me tonight. Greg, the soon-to-be husband, is picking him up in the morning because I have to go to work at nine and he has the day off.

Right now Noah is anxiously waiting for me to finish this post so that we can play a spirited game (or twenty) of something called, Hi Ho Cherry-O. It is a board game and when it comes to board games Noah thinks rules are for suckers. Should be a lot of fun.

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Squirrel said...

Hi Ho Cherry O is a great game!

Kurt said...

I have several thoughts.
1. I'm curious what your golfing buddies think of your new job.

2. Don't you need some sort of official stamp or something when notarizing? Once you're a notary, you can notarize anywhere/time? Even in the clubhouse?

3. We have a sometimes weekend visitor who runs a busy importing business. She always takes dozens of calls while sitting in our living room "visiting" us.

Steve said...

Kurt anticipated my question! Do you carry your notary stamp with you at all times??

Love the picture. Noah will get a kick out of that when he gets older.

dennis said...

Dennis wants a bow and arrow set and a Sneedlet.