Feb 4, 2008

Dry and Warm

Runoff from today's rain running in the normally dry wash by our house.

The cynical Merle Sneed believes that an awful lot of weather forecasting involves the forecaster sticking his head out the window, seeing what's happening weather-wise and predicting more of the same.

Of course, nowadays there are satellites and other modern gizmos that provide the ability to make long-range forecasts. These are pictures of the hotter and drier than normal winter that was forecast. It has been wetter and colder thus far. They did get the shorter days part right though.

As you can see, even the Ron Paul for President sign seems to have it wrong.

I took our Honda Civic, aka Clown Car, to the shop today to get the window fixed. You know, the window that was stuck halfway up. I hoped that it wouldn't cost two hundred bucks to fix. Luckily, I was right, it cost $430.

Rod, my Honda guy is just the best. He would never fix something that didn't need fixing or charge for something he didn't do, but he is very good at making sure everything is working properly and insists upon telling you what is wrong.

Rod called me shortly after I dropped off the car to say the front brakes were shot. Plus, not only was the doohickey that makes the window go up broken, it broke something else in the process of breaking.

I guess the occasional repair on a nine-year old car isn't totally unexpected. It beats the dreaded car payment, which as I recall, has to be paid every month.

On the good side, the car was repaired by two-thirty and I got home in time to take a nice nap.

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Professor Montblanc said...

Your mountains they are very pretty.

Steve said...

I never pay attention to the weather report. I just kind of wing it. Which gets me in trouble sometimes, admittedly.

Kurt said...

I always had good luck getting my Honda serviced at the dealer, unlike my experience with other cars.