Jul 4, 2006

There's Freedom and Then There's Freedom

Sneedlet sprucing himself up. A guy has to look sharp. Well, the 4th of July is upon us and the Sneedlet is still with us. He was supposed to go home yesterday, but he whinned and cried so much that the lovely Mrs. Sneed awarded him another day in paradise, aka Grandma's house. His mom is coming for him this morning or we are driving him home. That is still to be decided. On the 4th our thoughts turn to freedom. Freedom is such a funny thing. It is a concept unknown to most in the history of humankind. I was reading this morning about one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who became a US citizen yesterday. These boys fled the civil war in their country on foot, hoping to get to Keyna or Ethiopia. Along the way they were attacked by man and beast. Some died from hunger or thirst, others were abducted, murdered or eaten by lions. The lucky ones survived. The really lucky ones found a new life in America. For the man profiled in the story today, freedom means a blank slate and the ability to acomplish anything he can. He understands being free and what it means in ways you and I don't. I also read today that more and more people are seeking financial counseling in dealing with their mounting debt crisis. As we all know many people foolishly racked up consumer debt, took out adjustable rate mortgages and home equity loans during the period of low interest rates. Rising interest rates make this a big problem. They sold some of their freedom for a bunch of stuff. Bad deal. Well, Sneedlet and I are off to the mall so that he can play in the mall playground in cool comfort, along with a bazillion other toodlers. It will be so much fun! Mall Update!

Sneedlet having a grand time at the mall. Sneedlet is sneaking a sniff of a "Big Surprise" he is taking home to his grandma. His grandma loves a big surprise, especially if it is a Cinnabon. This sign is on the entrance door to Dillard's at the mall. Who thinks that giving your teen a Dillard's credit card is a smart idea? If you do you either work for Dillards, or you have taken leave of your senses. Have a safe 4th of July. Merle. Tag: