Jul 5, 2006

Back To The Old Grindstone

This little mesquite tree is a metaphor for life somedays. It is knocked over, laying almost on the ground, with half its roots exposed, but still growing. Sneedlet finally went home kicking and screaming, yesterday afternoon. The lovely Mrs. Sneed and I dropped him off with his mom. He was okay with being home after a little while, although daughte Sneed called last evening to ask if we wanted him back. Time to get back to work. For all the complaining I do about work, somedays work is a nice diviersion from the troubles of real life. So off we go, unless you are a New Jersey state employee or casino worker. In that case stand by. New Jersey state government is on hold due to a budget stalement between the governor and his fellow Democrats in the state Assembly. It seems the governor wants to raise taxes and the members of the Assembly, mostly Democrats, don't. I read that the Japanese guy, Kobayashi, won the Nathan's hot dog eating contest again. He ate 53 dogs this year in just 12 minutes. Yuk. I haven't eaten a hot dog in the past 35 years. I gave them up as a bad idea in the early 70's. The news story said the runnerup "stuffed 52 franks down his gullet". Talk about a perfect word picture. Have a good day. Merle. Tag: