Jul 16, 2006

Sunday Morning

This is a picture looking north at a portion of the Tanque Verde Valley area east of Tucson, Az. The low place in the middle of the shot is the Tanque Verde creek, a seasonal waterway. Tanque Verde is a spanish name meaning Green Tank. The area likely got its name because of the algae that grew in stock tanks when the area was settled by ranchers. The thick vegetations is mostly mesquite which flourishes because of the high water table in this area. Arizona Sycamore grows near the creek. Despite giving the appearance of being a low spot in the Tucson basin, it is actually relatively high in elevation, at about 2600 ft above sea level. The Tanque Verde Valley is bounded on the north by the Santa Catalina Mountains, visable in the background, and the Rincon Mountains, which are to the east (right) out of view. The area is affluent, with relatively low density housing, and good schools. It is not incorporated in any way, resisting annexation efforts. It is a part of Pima County. (click on images to enlarge) This would be Casa Sneed if the lovely Mrs. Sneed had been more successful in making money. Its 0800 local time and Sneedlet is up and at 'em. As you may be able to see, he is watching a DVD on the portable player his grandma bought him. The temperature here in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona has dropped below 100 degrees F., so naturally a guy's thoughts turn to winter and specifically to the Christmas season. Sneedlet is watching a Christmas DVD. Only 162 watching days until Christmas. The grey blotch behind Sneedlet's head is drywall under construction, not really poor housekeeping! Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong and sometimes just full of it. Tag:

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