Jul 13, 2006

Incremental Progress

From Merle's Dictionary for Life. Financial Hipster n. one who encourages others to take unacceptable financial risks either because of greed or ignorance. A financial hipster is usually broke. I was just reading that the fine folks at Forbes magazine have determined that the homes in my area are seriously overvalued and due for a correction. Why are we bothering to fix up Casa Sneed? The sky is falling, what will I do if the housing market crashes? As I have posted many times, the value of your home ought to be irrelevant to you unless you plan to sell it. Alas, for too many folks the increased value of their home means that the balance in their personal ATM has also increased. This also means they can further endanger their financial life and future, by pulling out home equity to pay for crappola they don't really need and can't afford in the first place. If you borrowed too much on your home and are now concerned that it may not be worth what you owe, you indeed have a problem. For some people the question is not how much should they borrow on their home, but rather how much can they borrow. As we all know, the financial hipsters have said for years that only suckers pay off their home mortgage. Well, who's the sucker now? Well, there is some progress in the makeover of Casa Sneed, just not much. Our guy finished the drywall yesterday and says that today he will do the tape and texture work. Sometime after that we may actually get some paint. The carpet contractor is coming Friday to measure and likely to explain why our job will requires some "extras". We always have extras. I just saw on the local news that it will be 109 degress F. tomorrow. I can't wait. Each year the heat becomes more oppressive. I really need the lovely Mrs. Sneed to get rich enough for us to spend the summer in San Diego. Of course, here in the Sonoran desert, summer runs from May 1 to about Thanksgiving so we will be gone awhile. This is a picture of the infamous "Jumping Cactus" of western lore. This is a Teddy Bear Cholla and it has segmented arms that break off and stick to anything unfortunate enough to brush against it. This makes it seems like it can jump. This ability is an adaptation that allows the plant to reproduce. The unfortunate man or beast that treads too near, carries the segment away from the plant and when it is dislodged, it falls to the ground where it may take root, creating another cholla. In our corner of the world we have free-ranging cattle in some areas and it is not uncommon to see a cow with a cholla segment stuck to its body, often to its face. That has to really hurt. Getting a segment stuck to your person is very, very unpleasant. An accidental encounter with a cholla makes one long for a snakebite. Just kidding, but not much. Click on the photo and note the bird's nest in the arm of the cholla. It is most likely a Cactus Wren's nest. It seems to me like building your house in a mine field. Getting home is an adventure, but it also provides excellent protection for the bird's eggs and youngsters. Anyway, if you stay indoors with the air conditioning running and a cool drink, summer in the Sonoran desert can be very pleasant. Of course the payoff is the 75 degree days in January! Merle. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong and sometimes just full of it. Tag:

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