Apr 25, 2006

Doctor Visit and Other Updates

Well, I went to my doctor's appointment today. The good news is that they were expecting me this time. In fact Scrubs made a point to get in a little dig about yesterday's misunderstanding. I asked if the doctor was running 90 minutes late today and she feigned confusion. "Why no", she said, as though I had asked her the most ridiculous question ever. We took care of the copay and the copy of my insurance card and I was told to have a seat. At 3:20 pm, only 5 minutes late, my name was called. Now we are cooking I thought. I was escorted to an examining room, my vitals checked, I was weighed (fat!) and my medical history confirmed. I was told that the doctor would be right in. I waited. I read all the charts on the wall. I studied the posters of various bodily systems. I leafed through the same Reader's Digest as last visit. It was now 3:45. My daughter call my cell to say her water was out. That reminded me to turn off the ringer on my cell. I looked through Highlights for Kids and examined a coloring some kid gave the doctor. At 3:55 pm I called my daughter back about the water situation. "Main break," she said, "could be 48 hours to fix it." That sounds bad. I laid down on the examining table and studied the ceiling tiles. My son called to ask if I called him. I must have accidentally dialed his phone while laying on the table. I must not have cleared the directory function when I used it to call my daughter. At 4:05 pm the doctor came in. Scrubs was right. He wasn't 90 minutes behind, just 50 minutes. His cell rang and he left to take the call. When he came back we spent about 15 minutes some time going over my labs and my various ailments. I guess I will live. My doctor is just a nice guy. I need to check back for new labs in September. I also heard from my homeless son bugging me for money. I wouldn't give him any yesterday so he tried twice more today. I didn't answer the phone either time. Well, I'm off to bowling.

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