Dec 11, 2012

The elusive Glacial Alligator spotted in Tracy Fjord

How are all of these changes in our healthcare system working out for you?  Here at Casa Sneed, not so good.

We receive our health insurance from the pension plan of my former employer, Tedious Systems.  It has never been a bargain, but as of late the costs have become downright onerous.

Recently, Tedious Systems was bought out by CenturyLink Communications.  Evidently, CenturyLink thinks that providing benefits retirees is a burden that they ought not to have to be bothered with. They look to be on a campaign to get those of us who are too young for Medicare, but retired out of their plans by making it too expensive to keep. 

This year the skunks at CenturyLink  raised our premiums by 25%.  The lovely Mrs. Sneed and I are going to be paying nearly $10,000 for our health insurance in the coming year. 

Let me put this in perspective.  I'm paying about 100% of CenturyLinks' cost of insuring me and they paying about zero. 

What a system.

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The Bug said...


Kurt said...

Mine jumped 15% last year, and this year, they are proposing a 25% increase. Ugh.

Steve Reed said...

Appalling! Are there any legal limits on how much they can raise your premiums? You might contact your state's insurance commissioner (assuming AZ has one) and see if there's any recourse.

Debbie M said...

Hmm, maybe you could check out private insurance? has a good search engine. Or do you or your wife belong to a professional organization, alumni organization, etc. that offers group insurance? (Or could you join such an organization?)

I don't know if you can switch, and, if so, I don't know if you can switch back, but it might be worth looking into.