Dec 24, 2011

MW Sneed staff makes a holiday delivery

The Merle Wayne Sneed organization is always alert to current trends.  It helps keep us on the cutting edge of societal mores.

Just this morning a staff member wondered what type of luxury car our readers are buying for loved ones this holiday?  Television advertising indicates that the giving of luxury autos as holiday gifts is widespread and popular, so surely Sneed readers are getting in on the action.

 Will this be a season to remember for your loved ones?  Or will you fall for that old lie that it is the thought that counts? 

So, please if you will, post your gift-giving choice in the comments.

This year I plan to give a;

a) Lexus
b) Mercedes
c) Cadillac
d) Acura
e) Chevy (as if, but they are running commercials.)
f) Nissan (see Chevy)
g) Hyundai (not really)

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Debbie M said...

None of the above. My guy has recently fallen for a Fiat 500. It's zippy and fun, but roomy inside.

But he still prefers his pick-up truck because it can carry more. So I got him something much better than a Fiat 500: a flannel-lined shirt.

Barbara said...

Instead of the car this year, I am giving everyone I know finger lights (at 75 cents apiece) so they can light up any finger of choice! Next year I will continue the tradition of the cars...

Barbara said...

In case you didn't believe me, check this out.

Kurt said...

I asked for but did not receive a Porsche 912. I did get flip flop socks.

Steve Reed said...

My other half has been asking for an Aston Martin for years. And he'll keep on asking.

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve - ha!

Hi Merle! (waving) Happy holidays.

As for the car question hmmmm. I gave mine up seven years ago and haven't missed it. I take the subway, walk, ride my bike. When I'm out late, I take a taxi home (always nerve wracking because the drivers talk on their phones constantly).

I'm lucky to live in a place where I don't need a luxury mobile.

Which one do you want?

Bella Rum said...

No new car for me. Mine is eleven-years-old. My motto is drive 'em till they leave you in the ditch.

The Bug said...

I'm with Bella - & in fact we HAVE left cars in ditches before. But I have lust in my heart for a Smart Car. They're the puppies or kittens of cars, but don't eat as much or pee in random places in your house. So cute!

I drive 40 miles each way to work every day, but only 8 of those miles is interstate, so my opportunity for terror is pretty short.

Marcia said...

I see that you have Ted Talks on your favorite things to read. I wondered if you had a fav? I have been following a woman who is hysterical and reciently gave a TED talk. Brittany Gibbons, the Barefoot Foodie, is amazing. If you have time, or intrest, check her out some time.

Coffee Messiah said...

Greetings - and have been catching up on reading a few of your posts -
Guess not much really changes out there - although it appears somethings going on - just can't quite put a finger on it -

Hope all is well with you and the family = Cheers!