Dec 2, 2011

 It's raining and 40ish this morning.  This is fairly typical for this time of the year.

A headline in the Hooterville Daily Dish a day or two from now, when it has stopped raining, will remind us that no matter how much rain we get, the drought persists.  The Dish loves its bad news.

Desert dwellers have a hard time discerning  drought, since it is hot and dry most of the time.  We needs experts to clarify. 

Ever since we began to worry about climate change, The Dish has been in a tizzy over the rain and heat stats.  Maybe it is the same where you live, every month we are reminded that the weeks past constituted the 37th warmest or the 13th driest month on record.  Thanks for the reminder.

Yesterday was golf day.  SGNB slipped and fell flat on his face twice in 18 holes.  Both slips occurred because SGNB thinks he can hit a golf ball a long way.  He can't, but that doesn't stop him from taking a giant cut at the ball.   Twice yesterday, he missed the ball entirely and wound up face down in the grass.

The physics of golf ball striking are fairly simple for the average guy;  swinging harder doesn't make the ball go farther.  I've suggested, the Seafood Food King has suggested, Eldon the Farmer, has suggested to SGNB that he rein in his swing, all for naught. It won't be long before he injures himself.

I'm reminded of a joke.

Fred meets Steve in the parking lot of the golf course.  Steve asks Fred how his golf game went.

"Terrible, on the 7th hole my pal Joe dropped over dead."

"Geez, that's rough."

"You're telling me.  For the rest of the round it was, hit the ball, drag Joe, hit the ball, drag Joe."

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The Bug said...

I can see it now - maybe you need to go ahead & pack some sort of portable stretcher for SGNB...

Kurt said...

I can't believe he fell down swinging at the ball.

Barbara said...

My father believed in half a swing. His ball always went further than mine. But I never fell on my face! SGNB must be a constant amusement.

Steve Reed said...

I didn't know it was possible to swing hard enough to fall down!

alphabet soup said...

Love that joke!! I always like an update on SGNB - I can hardly believe he's for real sometimes...
Ms Soup