Nov 8, 2011

Miss Riley, almost 3-year-old rocker.  Too much TV or something.

It is  easy to dismiss stupid commercials and think no one actually falls for their crap claims, but they must work, because sleazy companies keep making them.

A Honda dealer here in our fair city, is running a commercial saying that you, yes I said you, can own a 2011 Honda Civic for only $5 a day.  Sounds good, just the cost of a Starbucks latte, as the commercial points out.

However, the lowest price a 2011 Honda Civic sells new for is around $17,500.  At $5 per day, $17,500 represents 3500 days or 9.5 years.  Maybe there are people who are willing to pay $5 a day for 9.5 years, but not sane people.

But wait, there's more!

The 9.5 years of payments assumes that a person gets a zero percent loan.  At even a very attractive rate of 5%, the $5 a day would require a payoff period of nearly 14 years.

I guess they count on people not being able to do math.  Or maybe given the mortgage crisis, they are trying to woo people who are looking to live in a Civic.

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The Bug said...

That's funny - the sad thing is maybe THEY didn't do the math & they think they're being truthful. It's a sad day when I think the shysters are just as dumb as the rest of us...

Kurt said...

Plus a latte is only about $3.50

Lighina VB said...

Excellent information..