Oct 13, 2011

 After a long, hot summer, relief at last.  The hundred degree days are gone and more importantly, the 50 degree nights have arrived.

 Some Guy Named Bob is very concerned about my golfing footwear.  Longtime readers may recall that Merle Wayne Sneed has abnormally large feet.  Feet so big that shoe buying is almost exclusively done via the internets.

Depending on the make and model, I either wear a size 14W or a size 15W.  In Nike shoes, I've had to go as high as a 16.

Recently when I needed new golf shoes, I bought a very fine pair of Callaway shoes from a seller on eBay.  After I wore the shoes for a couple of rounds, I found that I was not happy with the fit and gave up on them.  I took to wearing a pair of New Balance athletic shoes (size 14 4E) that I happened upon at Famous Footwear.

As I said, this really bothers Some Guy Named Bob.  Every week  Some Guy Named Bob asks about my golf shoes and why I am wearing tennies.  Every week.   He is an annoying little...well, you know.

Yesterday, I was getting my stuff out of my locker at work and noticed that I had a voice message.  If I have a VM there is about a 98% probability that it will be from Some Guy Named Bob.  It was.

The message went like this.

Insert about 30 seconds of background noise, buttons being pushed wildly and Some Guy Named Bob mumbling in the background.  Then just when I had decided that he called me by accident and had the phone in his pocket or something, he began.

"Uh, this is Bob.  I know you wear size 15 golf shoes and don't have any at the moment.  I'm at the Goodwill on Speedway and there are a couple of pairs of real nice size 16 shoes here.  They look like they've barely been worn, don't know if you can wear a 16.  This is high quality merchandise, just thought you should know."

I sure hope that Some Guy Named Bob didn't buy them for me.  The last pair of shoes he dug up for me at the Goodwill looked as if a homeless guy with a bad case of over pronation spent the winter in them. 

One man's trash may be another man's treasure, but with Some Guy Named Bob, every man's trash is Bob's treasure.

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Kurt said...

Ahhh - that's kind of sweet.

The Bug said...

I agree with Kurt - sweet! As long as he didn't actually buy them. :)

Megan said...

He's thinking of you, even when you'd rather he wouldn't.

Barbara said...

Isn't SGNB the one who has a trunk full of old clothes in the event it rains? I love the way he is trying to suck you into becoming a thrift store shopper in your retirement. I might have gone over to look at the size 16 shoes... just out of curiosity.

Steve Reed said...

I can't wait to hear whether or not he bought 'em!

alphabet soup said...

Lovely roses Merle!

Ms Soup

Lighina VB said...