Dec 3, 2010

Retailers hope this year's wacky striped pants craze will bolster the holiday shopping numbers.

Good news!  According an Associated Press story, shoppers flocked to the stores and malls in November, buying holidays gift stuff.  Lots of stuff.

Sales were up some percentage or another, which was much better than the National Council of Guys Who Sell Stuff expected, according to their spokesman.  Much better!

Still, a fellow who stands by the door of America's malls and counts how many people leave with shopping bags, worries that all the people who really wanted to buy stuff may have already bought it.  This leaves open the possibility that the December shopping results may be disappointing.

It could go either way.

The spokesman for the National Council of Guys Who Sell Stuff, says his organization remains cautiously optimistic.

A spokesman for the Merle Wayne Sneed organization had this to say,.

"The last thing we need during these times of personal, political and financial uncertainty is more things to worry about.  So, let's get out there and buy stuff we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we really don't like that much."

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The Bug said...

LOL! You sound like my dad - who is getting a fancy water bottle & a card telling him I made a donation to Haiti for him.

I'll help those shopping guys out in December - I've barely started.

Megan said...

I only put stuff I need on my list.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm a terrible shopper - except at the grocery store. I love buying food.

Barbara said...

I long ago decided to tune out these people who quote statistics for a living. They have absolutely no bearing on what I buy or when I buy it. But then I don't buy enough to have much influence on any of those stats.

Kurt said...

I want a job counting bags.