Nov 9, 2010

I got the stitches out of my hand yesterday.  What stitches you ask?

A couple of weeks ago I cut my hand repairing a screen door at work.  One of those instants of inattention and bam-o, you get cut.  Four stitches in the web between my thumb and forefinger, no big deal.

Of course, everyone is an expert on how not to cut yourself when it is not them doing the cutting.  If I had just been wearing gloves, paid more attention and my favorite, been more careful, this wouldn't have happened.

Why didn't I think of those things?

 You might remember my little table project made from a piece of granite I collected from my neighbor's trash.  I had two sides that were irregular and two that had been cut square.

 I did a bit of research and found that with the right saw blade, cutting granite isn't that hard.  I trimmed off the ragged edges and made it into a neat rectangle.  The light edges is the unpolished granite.  I am planning to polish those edges as soon as I get the right sanding pad and buffer.

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The Bug said...

I'm not allowed to use cutting implements if Dr. M is around. Of course, HE is allowed to cut his own self, but he can't watch me doing it.

Kurt said...

Score! on the free granite.

Reya Mellicker said...

The table is beautiful. And your hand - ouch!! Hope you're soon on the mend.

Annie Ha said...

I cut my finger in that webbed area myself once. Hurt like a son of a bitch.

Bella Rum said...

I believe that particular kind of cut is called the bagel injury. People hold a bagel between the index finger and thumb while slicing downward. Sometimes the knife goes through the bagel and OOPS! Hope you're all better.

Barbara said...

Wow! I am impressed. I hope your recent injury will remind you about those gloves the next time. The table is beautiful!