Nov 23, 2010

 I got a mailer from  Chase Bank yesterday.  They tell me that an analysis of my credit file indicates that I can benefit from their latest credit card deal. They are offering a "low" interest rate.

The fact that Chase Bank is the only real beneficiary in their various schemes aside, I question how comprehensive their analysis really was.  I haven't paid credit card interest in decades.  We don't carry credit card balances.

Anyone out there planning to buy someone a car for the upcoming *fill in your preferred holiday here* season?  Apparently Lexus, BMW and Chrysler are hoping so.

It isn't even Thanksgiving yet and I am already sick to death of Lexus and their "December to Remember", campaign.   You know, the one where you surprise your loved one with a $45K car, complete with giant red bow?

I wanted to see a television show the other day and the only option available was via the internet.  The penalty I paid was the Lexus commercial at every break.

What I can say with certainty is that if I ever bought a luxury auto, it wouldn't be a Lexus.

Talk about your idle threats.

Speaking of holiday shopping, we went to the mall Saturday.  A certain little weasel in our life was celebrating her birthday and we had to get her an "outfit", or three.  Not even Thanksgiving and the place was crawling with shoppers.

Mrs. Sneed has vowed to do her modest holiday shopping entirely online.  No fuss, no muss, no crowds, no sales tax.  A perfect solution.

I found this amusing take on Lexus and their hideous commercial.  Enjoy.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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The Bug said...

I'll have to come back to watch the video (I'm at work), but I have to agree with Mrs. Sneed. I really really hate going to the mall - or even the grocery store, except we do require food. If I could do that online I would! (The don't offer it in my town & I couldn't afford it if they did).

Kurt said...

Back at ya!

Annie Ha said...

Do they throw in the red bow at no additional charge? Because in that case, I'm in! I hear those huge bows are pricey.

tut-tut said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and good food! And I hope you didn't have to participate in waiting in line at 4 a.m. today for an electronic device of some stripe or other.

Reya Mellicker said...

I did have a very nice Thanksgiving, thanks Merle.

The credit card people are so darn funny. But ... when I get these things, I put them directly into the recycling bin without reading them.

LOVE your analyses!! xx

Coffee Messiah said...

Gave up the CC 4 good 5 yrs ago, and am better off for it.

Malls, say what?

Best to you and the family! Cheers!

Barbara said...

I would gladly accept a Lexus if someone gave me one, but I think it's highly unlikely. Actually I would prefer one of those little Mercedes convertibles.

We pay off our credit cards every month, so nobody cares whether I buy their card or not. They make money only if you carry a balance.

A.Decker said...

I get letters and phone calls offering to help me get control of my credit card debt. I've never had one single credit card in my life. "Comprehensive analysis!" Indeed.