Oct 19, 2010

The wedding of our niece was  just terrific. The bride was stunning and as happy as a person could be.

Except for this kid, of course.  She discovered the favors included chocolate lollipops.  Her dad is trying hard not to be a co-discoverer.

The reception was at a Victorian-era house downtown that has been converted to a wedding reception facility.  I'm guessing that there were a couple of hundred guest at the reception, more than at the wedding itself.  Maybe that is par for the course, but could have been influenced by the actual wedding ceremony being held at three o'clock on a Friday afternoon.

I'm given to understand that the church in question stopped doing Saturday weddings. Maybe because it cut into attendence on Sunday; no one takes up a collection at a wedding. Perhaps I'm just being cynical.

All of Mrs. Sneed's siblings were in town for the event, as well as her cousins from New England.  A great time was had by all.

I ran into a friend yesterday, a 40-year-old husband and father of two.  He lost a good-paying software job last week.  No hint that anything was wrong, they just came in and laid a bunch of folks off.  He is hoping to land a $12 per hour job in retail with a national discount outfit.  Anything at this point.

On the other hand, our county, Pima County was just awarded $16M in "stimulus money" to study obesity in the county.  The money will, among other things, hire some university students to identify "food deserts", areas lacking in healthy eating choices.

Not to brag, but were also got another load of stimulus money to retrain the unemployed.  Train them to do the nonexistent jobs, I guess. 

The only jobs created or saved by the governments stimulus appear to be for government workers.  I guess when all of us are either retired or working at the government, life will be swell.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That's a smart kid. Life is better when chocolate is involved.

Up here my city wants the taxpayers to top up the city workers pensions because of losses due to the recession. Unfortunately the people they want to do the topping up are the rest of the population of whom are out of work. We were a big high tech center.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...
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Megan said...

I have to go eat some chocolate right now!

Reya Mellicker said...

At what age do we stop being proud when chocolate is smeared all over our faces?

Annie Ha said...

well, we take care of our own first, don't we.

Barbara said...

After seeing Waiting for Superman, I realize that it takes much more than money to fix serious problems. I wonder how all that stimulus money in your town will be spent. I also wonder how the $100 million given to Newark by the Facebook guy will be spent. Will any of it make any long-term difference or will it just give some people paper-pushing jobs for a few years?

alphabet soup said...

Seriously? $16M to study obesity... That would buy a lot of food to demonstrate how you can eat well and not be obese but I guess that's not really what this study is about.
Ms Soup