Aug 23, 2010

 My neighbor bought a new car a few days ago.  Saturday morning we were exchanging hellos across the street and I remarked that his new car was really nice.  This led to a bull-flown rundown of the gory details involving its purchase.

The car is a four-door Toyota sedan.  It has every feature available on the model.  That is not the usual  Merle Wayne Sneed hyperbole, it literally has every feature available.  Including, and I am not making this up, air-conditioned seats.

The kicker is that the car had a MSRP of $47,000.  He of course, paid less, due to savvy shopping.  He also tells me that he and the missus have planned for the worst case scenario, say job loss, by taking out a seven-year loan, with payments in the $550 per month range.

According to Edmunds, a car research site, the typical car is worth about 25% of its original value at the end of 7 years.  In this case $11,750.  Assuming my friend paid just $40K, he is losing about $340 to depreciation.

But it is even worse than that.  At $550 per month for 84 months, his actual cost for the car is $46,200 (assuming he made no down payment). That pumps up his loss from depreciation to $34,450 or about $410 per month.

The whole business seems crazy to me, but then we never buy cars based upon good financial planning, do we?

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The Bug said...

No, we buy them because the other one died or is dying & we needa vehicle. We're just happy getting out with something with air & cruise control & a payment we can afford.

Air conditioned seats? My bum feels cold just thinking of that!

Kurt said...

I will probly never own a new car in my life. One of the benefits of being a loser.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I don't like to get rid of a vehicle until they give up the ghost. Even then, I don't see myself worrying about air conditioned seating. Crazy. On the positive side of things, if they ever lose their home they could live in the car comfortably;-)

The Crusty Crone said...

A Toyota, huh. Now we wait to see if he ends up in an accident due to a failed safety feature. I don't care how many ads I see where Toyota is touting their focus on safety.... I don't believe them.

Bella Rum said...

We are known for driving our cars till they leave us in the ditch - literally. We will probably be forced to buy a new one in the next couple of years. It makes me shiver.

Barbara said...

I haven't bought many cars in my lifetime (witness my current 1985 Volvo wagon) and I have always paid cash for them. The dealers make out like bandits on cars bought over time.

I've missed your dry humor over the past 2 weeks while I was away.