Jul 19, 2010

The Seafood King was out of town this week.  Some Guy Named Bob called to see if I wanted to play golf last Thursday...just me and SGNB.   Luckily, I was unavailable.

Then SGNB called Saturday afternoon to ask if I was willing to drive an hour away to play this coming Thursday.   Some retirement community was having an open house at their golf course to drum up new members and were offering SGNB's favorite thing, free stuff. 

It seems that this course was providing free golf, followed by a free lunch.  SGNB would drive hours for that combination.

How many old geezers with nothing to do would you suppose will take advantage of free golf, followed by a free lunch?  I'm guessing all of them, save me. 

Besides, I wouldn't drive an hour to play golf.  It isn't the drive there that gets me, it is the drive home.  At my advanced age, I don't like to drive too far.  Five miles is my limit when it comes to golfing, free or not.

I got my yearly evaluation at the hardware store this week.  I'm super in case you wondered.

The boss gave me a form to fill out, rating myself in a variety of categories on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the best.  Then she rated me using the same system.

I made it easy and gave myself all fives, save one or two that I rated me a four, out of not wanting to be completely over the top.  My thinking is that I am not giving them an excuse to tell me that I am anything but swell.  If they want to find fault with me, I'm not helping them.

Over the 35 or so years I spent at Tedious Systems, I received dozens of evaluations and wrote hundreds of them for employees that I supervised.  Largely, they are a huge waste of time.  Meaningless mumbo-jumbo with little connection to the real world.  

Years ago I had a boss named John Bailey who had the most honest approach to appraisals I've ever seen.  He knew they are a lot of hooey, generally designed to reward the bosses' pets and he wasn't afraid to say so.  He worked on the "I'm the boss and I say so" plan.  No objectivity needed.

John would barge into our cubicles and announce our rating.  Then he would tell us to write up  own evaluation supporting his rating and turn it in to him. A simple and as dishonest as the process is designed to be.

Anyway as evaluations go, our store does a decent job with them.

Gotta love a guy named Merle.  Just saying.  

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Kurt said...

My shitty principal just copied the evaluations from the previous principal, backdated them (because she was always late) and had us sign them. Classy.

The Bug said...

My boss had me complete a pre-evaluation for myself a couple of weeks ago. I don't know why - evaluations were due in June I think. Maybe he's just running late - but it seemed out of the blue to me & set my mind to racing. By the end of the day I was all, "If he doesn't like my performance he can just take this job..." Overreact much? I've heard nothing since on the subject. And by the way, I have no reason to believe he is less than delighted with my performance. I'm just a drama queen.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I wouldn't cross the street to go golfing. Not unless they were offering free chocolate. Maybe then;-)

Reya Mellicker said...

Merle!! Oh yeah.

You are a 6 on a scale of 1-5. Well, you are.

Megan said...

I haven't had an evaluation since I worked for a "real" company. Yeah, that was the one that went bankrupt...

Steve Reed said...

My boss used to walk up to my desk and say, "Here's your evaluation: You're doing fine."