Jul 13, 2010

I'm not saying that our Miss Riley is the smartest nearly two-year-old going, but I wouldn't disagree if others said so.

Riley came over to our house on Sunday, as is her custom and she had a little red barrette in her hair.  Riley's parents advised us not to pay attention to it, lest we remind her that it was there  They said that she would rip it out and throw it.  Barrettes are not her cup of tea.

Later in the visit, I took a photo of Riley being cute and as soon as she realized I had taken her picture, she toddled over to have a look.  She stared at the photo and her hand went to her head to confirm that the barrette that she saw in the picture was really in her hair.  Out came the barrette and flying it went.

I would post the picture, but it is on an SD card that I have misplaced.

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The Bug said...

That's hilarious! She is taking control of what's on her head - good for her!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

LOL! She is smart! Her poor parents;-)

Kurt said...


Annie Ha said...


Barbara said...

She's probably got those two boys wrapped around her little finger.

I'm guessing the barrette thing has been played out a few times before the current episode.

Riley definitely has spunk and that will take her far!

Bella Rum said...

All I can think about is Lucille Ball walking down those stairs with all that fruit on her head. Miss Riley will never be a show girl. That's probably a good thing.