Jun 15, 2010

Mrs. Sneed, Noah and myself are on our annual vacation to the frinkin' family fun park.   Aiden was unable to join us due to family commitments. 

A swell time is being had by one and all, more or less.

I'll bet you didn't know that Amway has invaded South Korea and has converted a substantial portion of the that population into suckers.

I didn't know either.  The frinkin' family fun park is playing host to about a zillion Korean Amways types, all wearing identical ball caps bearing the Nutrilite logo.   Apparently, they won some kind of contest for selling the most soap.

And who says America doesn't export stuff anymore.  We lead the world in exporting false hope.

If you're hustling Amway on the Koreans, no, I mean if you are trying to make Korea a better place by providing fine health and beauty products, does this web page make any sense?

 "Use our stuff and it will make you look like a Swede?"

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The Bug said...

My dad & mom joined a similar "cult" when I was in my twenties. Melaleuca, anyone?

Kurt said...

Get in early.

Steve said...

I wonder if they call it Koway in Korea?

Megan said...

ARGH sorry we missed you this time. Sometimes I really hate not having a car...