Jun 8, 2010

 I should clarify something about the young guy who lived across the street.  Several commenters have remarked about his dog, expressing concern that he abandoned it.

As Bill Clinton famously said, "It depends on what is is", or something like that.

This fellow has a disorder that among other things, is characterized by impulsivity.   So, when out of the blue of the Western sky, he decides to move away, it is unusual in it scope, but not in its character.

He didn't leave the dog unattended, he simply decided that he was getting a job and moving away.  He called his parents and it was his expectation that they would just drop everything and clean up his loose ends.  Which they did.

As a parent of a chronically ill adult child, I get what they are up against.  You do what you  have to do, all the time hoping for the best.

This might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

My only complaint is the wall that he left behind for us to "enjoy".

Speaking of the blue of the Western sky, if you are old like me, you might remember enjoying this show on TV.

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Kurt said...

I once watched a few episodes of Sky King on DVD, but I don't remember why.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Still, I couldn't leave my dog behind. Literally. He follows me everywhere whether I want him to or not.

Reya Mellicker said...

OK so I won't worry about the dog anymore. But I do now feel concern for you. Didn't know you had a chronically ill adult child, though I think you've made references to it, though obliquely, as you are want to do.

Love you, Merle. I do.

Barbara said...

Can you clarify what happened with the dog? I take it the parents are out of town, so they couldn't exactly get there quickly to feed and walk the dog. Did he perhaps hire a dogsitter or board the dog? Just wondering.

I feel somewhat sorry for the parents, even if they did pay for a God-awful wall. Parental duties never really end.

I never watched Sky King. We probably didn't get it on our one local channel when I was growing up.

Steve said...

Wow, what a story! Even given the son's disorder, I'm surprised at his impulsiveness -- especially since we all experience periods of dissatisfaction, and running away never solves anything. I hope he learns a better way to cope.

The poor dog. Yeesh.