Mar 3, 2010

They masonry guy started laying pavers yesterday.  This is the entrance way to the house.  He began here and is working toward the wall.  This makes certain that the paving slopes away from the house.

Yes, Mrs, Sneed, I could have picked up the burrito wrapper they left yesterday, but I didn't.


This is the color and pattern of the paving blocks.


The wall also was painted .  The color might be a bit murky in the picture, but it is an Earth brown.   We might decide to repaint it darker.

I saw a headline this morning that said that food bourne illness cost the US $152B a year.  I suspect that if we took all the studies that showed this sort of thing and added their costs, we would find that bad things cost us way more than we have to spend.  Wait, that is the definition of Congress.

I Googled the phrase "costs US..." and got the following hits.

Foodbourne illness $152B
E-Book piracy $3B
Using Coal for fuel $62B
Obesity $147B
Smoking $157B
Cancer $190B

And it goes on and on.  I guess the message is that if we would just "straighten up and fly right", as my mom always advised, we would have Brinks trucks making home deliveries.

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mouse (aka kimy) said...

looking mighty good!

if these statistics are correct, foodborne illness costs are overwhelmingly staggering - i hope you haven't just set off an epidemic of anorexia!

i'm trying to come up with an idea on how to combine foodborne illnesses and the obesity problem and come up with a way to stem both costs, hmmmmmm

The Bug said...

If I reach my goal weight can I have $147B?

Coffee Messiah said...

Work on su casa looking pretty good!

Cheer 2 U and yours!

Bella Rum said...

That's real pretty, Merle!

Megan said...

Yes, you certainly should have picked up the burrito wrapper.

It's looking good, otherwise!

Barbara said...

The old adage "You get what you pay for" comes to mind. That's why I don't buy the cheaper, imprisoned, factory-produced chicken. "You are what you eat" also applies.

The wall looks great. It will certainly not come tumbling down in your lifetime.

Reya Mellicker said...

Life is messy and expensive, it just is. I think the idea that these things could be eliminated, more somehow made to be cheaper, is a fantasy.

I like the burrito wrapper because it is a perfect metaphor for the messiness of life.

And your patio looks so calming and peaceful and beautiful. Bravo!!

Annie Ha said...

Love the pavers. Can't wait for the finished product post!!