Mar 26, 2010

Sometimes I see businesses that are run with such a 'we don't give a crap" attitude that I wonder how they stay in business. Take my soon-to-be-former dentist, for example.

Last July I was in the office for a cleaning and since I have insurance, I got x-rays. I can get x-rays once a year under my plan and the dentist makes sure he takes advantage of that revenue opportunity.

Sometime after the visit, maybe 60 days or so, I got a bill for the visit. It was clear that the the woman who is the receptionist/billing clerk/office manager/sole clerical employee, had not filed my insurance. I told her so.

Every visit I've ever had at this dentist has pretty much been screwed up billing-wise. The receptionist/billing clerk/office manager/sole clerical employee is pretty incompetent.

Another couple of months passed and I got another bill for the same amount. I made a note on that bill that they still hadn't filed the insurance and that I wasn't paying until they did. then I mailed it back.

About two weeks ago another bill arrived showing that I was 180 days past due. Grievously delinquent. Another note and I mailed this one back, too.

The receptionist/billing clerk/office manager/sole clerical employee finally filed the claim. Today I got a letter from my insurance company saying that the claim was being denied because it wasn't filed within 180 days of treatment.

So, what to do? Should I tell them I'm not paying because the receptionist/billing clerk/office manager/sole clerical employee is an idiot or should I pay because I did receive the treatment?

Either way, I'm getting a new dentist.

Shel Silverstein might have been on to something.

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Kurt said...

Both my doctor and dentist double bill every visit in the hopes of getting overpaid. You have to be on them constantly. I even made them write me a refund check once.

The Bug said...

I think it would depend on the amount. They could (I guess) send you to collections which would mess up your credit. Personally I would NOT pay more than what I should pay after the insurance has covered their part. You're not responsible for their incompetence.

Reya Mellicker said...

A good dentist is essential because it's never a pleasant experience even at its best. I know you'll find someone who is good and knows how to bill you without infuriating you!

Barbara said...

You are definitely the victim in this case. Good luck on getting the dentist to eat the part insurance would have otherwise paid or better yet docking it from the receptionist's pay. I think a new dentist is a fine idea.

Bella Rum said...

I've been a very bad blog visitor to everyone lately, but I've enjoyed catching up here, Merle. You never fail to inform and entertain.

I can't even talk rationally about dentists, my fear is so intense, but I hope you can resolve this in your favor.

I'm going to steal that video and use it sometime. Too funny.

Squirrel of Nyack said...

Sorry to hear about your dentist woes. My dentist's office kept confusing me with someone with a similar name and was harassing me for all the bad things she did--like missing appointments without calling which drove them nuts, apparently. They sent me a shame on you letter, so I sent it back saying... it ain't me babe...the name is similar but not mine.

Steve said...

You shouldn't pay. Definitely not your responsibility!