Mar 14, 2010

 Riley and her family were on vacation last week, while her brother was out of school.  She is easing back into "work-mode".

It turns out that having your newly installed irrigation system break in the middle of the night, sending thousands of gallons of water rushing down the street is costly, financially speaking.

We got out water bill yesterday and it was $150. Never, even in the hottest part of the summer have we managed to run up a bill of that amount. Not even close.

Our good friends at the Hooterville water company charge $1.39 for each 750 gallons of water used, for the first 11,300 gallons each month. Typically, we use about half that amount in a winter month like February.

Once one passes the 11,300 gallon mark in a month, the price per gallon triples.

Included in the water bill is a also usage charge for sewer service. The thinking goes that water used mostly goes down the drain and that adds to the expense of operating the sewer system.

So, the more water you use, the more you pay for sewer charges. Even if you spew thousands of gallons down the street. 20,944 gallons to be precise.

Hope that doesn't happen again.

In an article today about the foul weather in the Eastern US was this nugget;

Among the planes diverted because of heavy rain and high winds was the double-decker Airbus A-380, the biggest commercial passenger jet in the world.

How tough do you have to be to ride on the top deck?   It must be windy and cold up there.

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Barbara said...

It must make you feel sort of ill to think of all that water running down the street in a town where the water table is constantly dropping, aside from paying for it!

I hope the irrigation system now has a lifetime (yours) warranty!

Megan said...

Riles! Large and in charge! Watch out for those tsunamis on grandpa's street, okay?

The Bug said...

If he could, Dr. M would be on the top deck for sure! He was all upset that he couldn't go up top on the ferry to Fort Sumter on Friday. He's a nut!

Steve said...

Yikes! That's a lot of water!

Coffee Messiah said...

Amazing..........and your place is looking beautiful!!!!!

Reya Mellicker said...

The useless little bits of info that are injected into the so-called news ... my goodness.

Yes I hope your irrigation system holds steady from now on!

alphabet soup said...

Oooh. The new irrigation system is broken already!! How can this be? I will look more closely at the cost of water in Hooterville as compared with the cost of water here in my home town. It's always interesting to make comparisons I say.
Ms Soup