Jul 16, 2009

We will find you cowardly iPhone internet people and run you over with our special police scooters. Regular readers of the Merle Wayne Sneed blog, and there are a few, know that Merle Wayne hates the traffic cameras. Not because I fear being caught by one, because I don't. It has been many, many years since my last moving violation. The problem with law enforcement is that they think they are operating in our best interest and mostly they are. But, and this is a big but, they believe that if a little enforcement is good, a lot of enforcement is better. I was amused to see that Washington, D.C. police chief, Cathy Lanier is pissing and moaning that some people are using their iPhone and some internet application to either avoid the areas where traffic cameras are in the D.C. area or adjusting their behavior to avoid being caught in the speed traps. She called these iPhone people cowardly. That sounds a bit like a tantrum to me. Imagine this. Some people slow down when they know there are speed traps around. Isn't that the idea? Instead of cowards, these folks sound like the sort of drivers Washington, D.C. needs more of. Unless it is really the money you need. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


Annie Ha said...

I got my first and only moving violation while I was still driving on a permit. My dad was yelling at me, "Speed up! Go FORTY!"

That doesn't mean I don't fly down the freeway at 85. Indeed, the first driving lesson started with my dad saying something along the lines of, "around here people drive fast, so you have to drive fast. To be safe."

I think driving well is all about being safe and considerate.

R.L.Bourges said...

I haven't received a single speeding ticket since I've stopped driving.

Megan said...

I want an iPhone.

Kurt said...

Should you be looking at your iPhone while you're driving?

Since nearly everyone drives over the speed limit, police should be looking for those who drive recklessly or with excessive speed, not just picking off one speeder from the pack.

Barbara said...

I am increasingly convinced that DC's main source of income is from traffic and parking violations. The DC Government is far more efficient at collecting those fines than it is at other things like road repair. I have discovered quite a few of those little concealed cameras, arriving home to a litany of "You were on candid camera again." Of course I now slow down when I approach one of those blasted things; I would be an idiot not to!

But I haven't learned how to use my iPhone to avoid them altogether. I will have to look into that app!

Reya Mellicker said...

Hello! And thank you. I love the way you spot bullshit and call it instantly.

Police on little scooters? I find it funny. Funnier is cops on segues. The sight of them always makes me giggle.

Happy weekend!