Oct 10, 2008

Man, what a week and I don't mean in a good way. Let's see, the Dow is down 22% or something, meaning that a quarter of a lifetime of savings is gone, at least for the immediate future. And of course, there is my dead neighbor and the mysterious disappearance of both of her neighbors. As bad as it seems to me, for other people it was worse. Tedious Systems, my former employer laid off some folks yesterday, including three of my former colleagues. They had a worse week than me by a long shot. What else? Oh yeah, I'm sick to death of politicians. All politicians. I wish everyone could vote today and shut these people up. Obama is going to win going away, so why do I have to hear another month of this bullcrap? Some people are troubled by the vitriol of the crowds turning out for McCain. Let me tell you, that on the left the hatred is just as thick. We just can't see it when it is coming from our side, whichever side that is. These people are all the same. From McCain and Obama down to the local Justice of the Peace race, candidates are just insufferable. I cast my ballot yesterday and although I did not actually write myself in, I did leave a number of choices blank. I won't disclose my vote for President, but I will share a few other choice. I voted for my incumbent Congressperson because her opponent is a right-wing nut bar. We don't have ordinary Republicans in Arizona, we have the lunatic fringe. In Arizona, John McCain is considered by many to be a lefty. So I opted for the devil I know. We have a ballot proposition to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman only. This is the brainchild of the Phoenix Mormons, of which there are plenty. The Catholic hierarchy jumped on the bandwagon hard. I voted no. We have the sleazy payday loan skunks trying to push through something called "Reform Payday Loans". A yes vote curbs some of the abuses and allows them to stay in business. A no vote shuts them down in 2010. I voted no. I declined to vote for any of the candidates for Corporation Commission. They regulate certain businesses like the power and gas companies. Since they have about no power, I didn't waste the brainpower it takes to figure out who is who. In Arizona we vote for judges. Every four years we have to vote to keep them or toss them out. No one ever gets tossed so I voted to keep them all. The local school district wants more money, but it is a corrupt mess so I voted no. I've never voted no for schools before, but until they show some signs of competency, I'm voting to keep my money. A couple of county officials ran unopposed and seem to do an okay job, so I voted for them. One Republican and One Democrat. I figure that the lack of opposition is a tacit admission by the other side that they are doing a good job. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


d. chedwick said...

Are you going to miss your dead neighbor?

I too vote for the individual person rather than the party. I have been severely scolded for doing so but it's my vote-mine!

I also agree with you on the school issue. When they do away with fantastic programs and ask for money for other "stuff" -- and corruption factors in too.

Megan said...

We also have a proposition on the marriage question. I will be voting no.

I thought about mailing my ballot but I kind of enjoy going to the polling place!

bitchlet said...

Why won't you disclose you're vote for President?

Steve said...

Bravo on the marriage vote. And though I worry about schools, I agree that corruption and incompetence trump need.

I don't think I can vote early. At least, no one's mentioned it to me as an option. (We still have those crazy lever machines from the 1950s, so it wouldn't surprise me that we're behind on voting trends and technology.)

Coffee Messiah said...

I never vote strictly along any party line, as I am independent in all manner of thinking.

I do find it odd that McC is seen as a "lefty." That boggles my mind.

The state I am living in is right proud of selling the toll roads to foreign countries.

By paying less taxes, all local infrastructure and school systems are getting less money to pay for things.

It's all a big debacle and it's hard to imagine we are almost back where our forefathers started in this country. ; (

I'm sorry to hear about your friends and everyone else who's losing their jobs and pensions and........everything!@@@ ; (

Julia said...

South Carolina will be begrudginly voting for McCain too. I thought it was weird to watch all these people rail on how he was too liberal, and then they put up signs and bumper stickers for him as soon as he won the nomination. I didn't find McCain to be so scary until I learned a little about Palin. To think of him winning and then dying... shudder

Nan Patience said...

I think the politicians are even sick of themselves and would rather be doing some real work.