May 4, 2008

Money Tree

Mrs. Sneed and I went to the mall down the road for a few minutes today. As you can see the recession has taken its toll. The joint was nearly empty.

Commenter Dennis asks, "Dennis wonders why we're still discussing this check he will never get."

Well Dennis, it's is important that we maximize ways to spend this cash as soon as we can and talking about it reminds readers of that message. It's not just me saying it either.


"The checks don't come a moment too soon," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a rare, joint press conference with Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Minority Leader John Boehner.

So Dennis, even if you personally don't get a check, it's good for America that people, people like me, even people who are me, get some free money from the Feds.

Speaking of which, there have been developments on the stimulus check front and they are not positive for Merle Wayne Sneed.

In a normal year, we get a few bucks back on our federal income taxes and we usually have them direct deposited to our bank account. I try to keep any refund to a few dollars, so that, throughout the year, I get the use of my money and not the government. This year our refund was a $146 smackaroos. Thinking that I would probably owe money next year, I asked Uncle Sam to hang on to my $146 and apply it to next year's bill.

This had the unintended consequence of kicking us into the category of people receiving rebates by mail. No stimulus money for us for a few weeks. With my luck, will totally sell out of the Legends of NASCAR commemorative plate series before the check arrives. Those plates will be worth a fortune someday.

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Kurt said...

The Danica Patrick plate is AMAZING!

dennis said...

Dennis gets it now... The checks will save the mall! --for another week. Then what?

d. chedwick said...

nice looking mall. you got palm trees!

taco fetishist said...

our malls are packed solid every weekend. Ikea is packed with a line of cars waiting to get in... people just will never stop shopping. Places like Ikea make you buy more because the prices seem too good to be true!

Steve said...

I got a letter telling me how much would be in my check. Why don't they just send the check and be done with it? What's with all this extra communication?