Apr 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ched!

Today is our friend D. Chedwick Bryant's birthday and Noah and I wish her the happiest of days.

Well the bee saga ended this afternoon with a happy outcome for all involved. The only causlty was the $50 that it cost me to have the bee guy show up.

I waited in vain all morning and into the afternoon for my buzzy little friends to move on to parts unknown. They seemed quite content to stay put in our oak tree.

For my part, I would gladly have let bee be bees, had my young assistant Noah, not insisted upon riding his bike and creating all manner of mayhem in the vicinity of the bees. I told him to knock it off, but I'm guessing that defense wouldn't work when I had to explain how he got stung a zillion times.

I finally broke down and called the bee removal (killer) guys. They sent a very nice older guy named Vic out to our place. The damn bees must have had scouts out looking for pest control trucks, because while Vic and I were at the front door, the entire swarm in the back yard just upped and left. Sneed timing.

Vic did hang this swell bee trap in the tree in case they are lurking nearby, waiting for the coast to clear. Actually, he said it's to catch the foragers who were out foraging when the queen bee decided to pull up stakes. Those poor guys got left without so much as a hearty goodbye.

Vic did confirm that removing the bees means blasting them with a lethal dose of something, so I'm glad they moved on before the blasting commenced.

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Kurt said...

There's a huge bee shortage, which gives me an idea: we collect the dangerous bee swarms and then release them where bees are needed. Maybe someone will give us a grant to do it. You have a truck. When do we start?

Merle Sneed said...

How do we catch them? Is that where you come in? Maybe we can wait in the truck while Todd rounds them up.

Anonymous said...
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d. chedwick bryant said...

hey thanks! hope that's the Partridge family LP I've been wanting! you guys are so cute.

Coffee Messiah said...

In Sausalito we had a bee problem and skunk! ; (

Luckily, we found people who would remove them to another area "much further" away.

Of course, at least there, everyone's warm and fuzzy about "not killing" anything unless you really have to.

BTW, that picture in the previous post - amazing to see and would be enough to keep me from lurking about! ; )

Kimberly said...

You need a Bee Charmer. That's what you need. Some people can walk up to the nest w/out getting stung, and put it in a container to take off somewhere that's a much more agreeable environment for them. In Texas and Georgia, there are people on PETA and Environment commitees that actually handle these things. Maybe there's a chapter in your area!

have a good day!