Apr 8, 2008

Even more proof that the kid can't smile and keep his eyes open at the same time.

Noah went home yesterday and this morning I have to say that the house feels a bit empty. His folks got stuck in Dallas overnight due to a flight delay and finally made it home yesterday afternoon. As always, American Airlines took the weasel way out and claimed the delay was due to weather and that in the case of bad weather, they are not obligated to worry about what happens to the stranded passengers.

Last summer I bought these two roses at Target. They were two bucks each and were at death's door, or at last looked like it. they are starting to really flourish.

I was looking at an article in Money Magazine today about people living paycheck to paycheck. It offered the usual advice for making you money go farther and even how to break the cycle of being broke. Too bad people can't learn a bit of simple discipline.

Of course, the easiest route to having some money in life is to plan to pay yourself first. Broke people thing they can't afford it, but they are wrong. Even a minimum wage worker who commits to saving five percent, can accumulate hundreds of thousands of dollars for retirement if the stick to it.

Of course, broke people will tell you that saving five percent is impossible given their brokeness. I don't buy that story for a moment. Even the brokest person I know has a cellphone. Nearly everyone has something they choose to spend money on that they could sacrifice, if they wanted to. Mostly people want to do what they do, without a thought to the future.

Did you know that there is a correlation between being broke and smoking? The poorer a person is, the more likely they are to smoke. At five or six bucks a pack, that's a lot of present and future dollars going up in smoke.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

That Sneedlet is just so cute! Of course you miss him!

Stranded newlyweds are much more inventive and relaxed than just plain old stranded passengers. They have the glow of their love to calm and soothe them.

Coffee Messiah said...


I need to take up smoking! ; (

Kurt said...

I enjoy watching the television program Medium. This season, the husband lost his job, and they keep showing how "broke" the family is. He can't give his daughter money to go to the mall with her friends. They have to borrow money from his mother.

Meanwhile, during all of this, he is driving around in a late model SUV, probably worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Steve said...

The smoking thing has always puzzled me. It's interesting how cultural influences often trump economic ones. (Which, come to think of it, is the root of consumerism and many people's "brokeness.")

dennis said...

Dennis agrees with those other people.

alicesg said...

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