Apr 21, 2008


If the Sneed household was a game show, rather than a freak show, our theme for the past couple of days would be, 'Things That Get Clogged Up'.

This picture is of a Mexican Palo Verde tree that overhangs our back yard. It technically belongs to the synagogue adjacent to us, but it also extends over our wall. For a couple of months a year it is a welcome guest, blocking out the sun and providing afternoon shade. For the other ten months it drops crap onto the patio. Crap I have to deal with.

The tree has a yellow hue now because of the one trillion tiny yellow flowers on it. Yesterday morning, I noticed that the pond was running slowly and when I investigated, I found the pump clogged with little yellow flowers. This will persist for another month of so. In addition to unclogging the pump, I will be sweeping up tons of these blossoms.

Then there was the clothes dryer. The lovely Mrs. Sneed informed me Saturday that the dryer was not drying the clothes very quickly. She suspected trouble with the exhaust hose behind the dryer and suggested that we needed to move the dryer and check it out.

Our store had a very unimportant, but mandatory meeting, at seven yesterday morning. When I got home about eight-thirty, Mrs. Sneed had the dryer pulled out and the exhaust hose off. It was not clogged, leaving us to conclude that a new dryer was in our future.

As we visited with our children later in the morning, it occurred to me that maybe something was lodged in the vent pipe on the roof. I got the ladder and climbed up on the roof. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wad of lint the size of a Pomeranian blocking the top of the pipe. Once I removed the clog, we were good to go, dryer-wise.

As if that wasn't enough, I was cleaning our bathroom this morning and discovered that my sink was clogged. A couple of weeks ago I dropped a bottle of aspirin into the sink and what I couldn't scoop up went down the drain. I reasoned that if aspirin dissolves in your stomach, surely it would dissolve in a sink trap. Turns out that my reasoning is faulty.

I disassembled the trap under the sink and found about a hundred aspirin stuck together in the shape of a ball. They are the sustained-release type of aspirin, the coated ones and apparently don't dissolve unless they are submerged in water. With the glob gone the sink is back to normal.

Now if only my sinuses would clear up.


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Steve said...

Aspirin. Huh! Talk about something I never knew would clog a sink!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I heard somewhere that you can compost that pomeranian.

The aspirin story was surprising.

Coffee Messiah said...

Well, ya know what many people to unclog their nasal passages! ; (

I'm sorry, neglected to read that you and the Mrs. had an anniversary!

Happy belated! ; ) Cheers!

Kurt said...

Merle, have you tried sinus lavage? It changed my life. The first time I tried it, I thought there is no way water is going up and through my nose! But it did, and it didn't hurt in the least, and my sinuses are much clearer.

By happy accident, I was mistakenly shipped eight sinus lavage kits, and I would be pleased to send you one if you like.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Kurt--I've been snorting water since I was a little kid and no hay fever or anything, really. You don't need no stinkin kit--if you're in the shower, just snort some water.

dennis said...

Dennis thinks you may have the outline for a Dr. Seuss book.

Professor Montblanc said...

Les clogs are symbolic of how the Merle goes to the challenge and creates smooth flow in his life. Bravo!

alicesg said...

Maybe someone can help you invent a huge net to collect those little flowers that dropped into your garden and spring them back to your neighbour...lol. Hope your sinus would clear up. Have a nice day. :)