Apr 15, 2008

Among the huge haul of loot I received for my birthday, was a gift certificate from Son and Daughter-in-Law Sneed, at a fabulous nursery near our house. I used it this morning to buy this amazing rose tree and green ceramic pot.

The rose is called Mandarin Sunblaze and as you can see it has beautiful orange flowers. What's not to love about that? Nothing, that's what.

In other news, my new schedule at the hardware store includes me working from noon to six pm on Tuesdays. Imagine my surprise today when I strolled in at noon and was greeted by a collection of numbskulls intent upon quizzing me about my start time. They take great delight in tormenting me about the schedule. Since I'm the only guy working a moving target, this seems a bit unfair.

One of the cashiers, an annoying woman under normal circumstances, asked me mockingly, "What time were you supposed to work today?" My inclination was to tell her that I was scheduled at Shove-it-up-your-keister o'clock, but I resisted the temptation. Instead I allowed as how it was incumbent upon those changing my schedule to inform me of such. In the absence of that notification, all bets are off.

So, for the next hour or so, I was pissed off about the situation. That was before the boss gave me my three-months evaluation. She apparently thinks I'm swell. Go figure.

The evaluation was kind of interesting. There were several categories with ratings of one to five. I got to rate my self first and then turn in the form to her. I figured that my boss would give me all threes, so I gave myself all fours, with a couple of three and a couple of fives. It has been my experience that if you admit to being average, there is no shortage of bosses willing to agree with you. I admit nothing.

To make matters worse, the boss acknowledged that she had hosed the schedule and that it was not my fault that I was late. The old win-win.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

We are both extending our birthdays for extra loot it seems. I got enough weird perfumes to keep the old blog going through July. I'm not sure a tree rose would survive the winters here, your *rose is a gorgeous color. I'm doing a magnolia tree post for you soon, and looking around for other flowers


* Mandarin Sunblaze's real name is William Sidney Porter!

Kurt said...

I'm surprised you could sit through an evaluation like that with a straight face. They should be giving you presents and thanking you for working there.

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Congrats on another grandbaby! GORGEMOUS roses! Last time I was here, it seems like I was in a rush to tell you something and had to explain the rush later. Now I don't remember the rush except that it probably had to do with the fact that I knew my computer wasn't holding a charge or getting any power when plugged in, and my battery was almost completely dead. Then it really died for a couple of weeks. So that's all I had to say. That is all.

Ms. Wollstonecraft said...

I love the rose, I love rosebuds because they are dainty and pretty, they hold the promise of a full on blossom soon, and you can easily pick the aphids/japanese beetles off them before destruction occurs. (Do you have these bugs in your neck o the woods--must go jeopardy is on.

alicesg said...

So sweet of your son and daughter in law. The rose is beautiful and I like the colours of the rose.

Steve said...

Amazing roses! Hybridization is incredible. Luther Burbank would be proud.

They really need to straighten out this scheduling situation. Why do they have such a hard time keeping you informed of when you're suppposed to work? And is the boss going to fess up to the other employees that it was her fault, so they don't all think you're indolent?