Mar 6, 2008

Men are men; the best sometimes forget.
- William Shakespeare

Today was golf day, or at least it was supposed to be golf day. Some Guy Named Bob, our golf social secretary, told me and The Seafood King to be at the course by 8:15 am, because or tee time was at 8:30. Unfortunately, the actual reservation time was 7:30 am, leaving us about an hour late as I calculate it.

To make matters worse, the course we were supposed to play at, had two old man club tournaments scheduled today, so once we missed our appointed tee off time, we were S-O-L, unless we wanted to wait around for a couple of hours. Instead we abandoned the whole idea.

If this was the first time this happened, it wouldn't be so bad, but it happened just a couple of weeks ago too. We had a reservation for 8:30 according to Some Guy Named Bob, but it turned out to really be at 8:00. Some Guy Named Bob is having a bit of trouble keeping things straight. The new plan, effective immediately, is for us each to call the course and confirm the time before we show up. At least that way only Some Guy Named Bob will be late.

I thought that I might use this "found" time to go to the garden center and do some work with the rose group in the garden. Unfortunately, some maintenance guys were working on the irrigation system at the garden center and no one was able to get into the rose garden. Another bust.

Having driven across town on my second wild goose chase of the day, I decided to drop by Tedious Systems, conveniently located near the garden center, and check in with my old friends. Things are the same at Tedious, that is to say they are still tedious.

I ran into my former boss, Randall Bing, who assured me that things have never been better under his excellent leadership. Man, am I happy to be out of that mess.

Thursday is also my half day at work. They called me to come in an hour early today because of some personnel crisis or another. Since I wasn't doing anything else I didn't mind going in a bit early. I'm a team-player kind of guy anyway.

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Kurt said...

You're going to be manager any day now.

dennis said...

Dennis uses "Found Time" wisely. Dennis has a lot of "Found Time"

dennis said...

Dennis wonders if the Lovely Mrs. Sneed is better yet?

Anonymous said...

this is the BESTEST blog ever!

Coffee Messiah said...

Wow, how's that done? Even if I try, I'm never late! ; (