Mar 24, 2008

How does a four-year-old convince the bartender that he is twenty-three? That's his lawyer on the left.

It was back to work today, with the usual scheduling mishap. This is becoming a daily occurrence in my life. I forgot that I had traded hours with another employee today and I showed up two and one-half hours early for work. At least I wasn't late.

Good news on the work front. The boss has put me on a regular schedule. I'm going to be working six-hour days Tuesday and Wednesday and all day on Friday and Saturday. Not too bad from a work stand point and nearly idiot-proof.

Speaking of mistakes, I was talking to one of the younger guys at bowling last night and he was telling me that he got a $600 per month raise this week. Unfortunately, he went out today and spent the raise on a new car, at least the next sixty months of the raise. He had a very good reason to buy it though. They needed a nicer car. Well, okay then.

I remember doing the same kind of things. I guess it is part of learning that you don't have to spend every dime you make, as soon as you make it, to be happy.

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taco fetishist said...

Nice photo.

I think people make these errors in judgement because (especially when you're young) you keep thinking...."I can't afford this or that" all of the time it seems, just at the time when you want to own a house, nice duds, and wheels you can count on. all this makes you feel when you DO get a raise you think "Oh! What can I now AFFORD with this, which I earned?" it seems like a more comfy car would be a reward for hard work that got that raise.

only later do you realize all is not quite right with the logic you employed. Usually it sinks in when you are paying bills and wondering how how piled up so many buying things that quickly depreciate...

Nan Patience said...

How can a person so smart as to get a $600/month raise be so...stupid? I would've bought a boat instead.

Kurt said...

If I got that raise, I'd be thinking about how much bigger my 401K contribution could be. I'm not really like other people, though.

Anonymous said...

A couple we know argue over $$ all of the time-- they seem to compete over who can spend the most --in a fit she took off on a vacation with her galpals, charging it all of course-- and while she was away he "got even" and bought the biggest flat screen TV on earth. Recently they had to beg money from his mother to get repairs done on their home.

I have never had an argument with my mate over $$. we are both frugal in the same ways, and we both like to save up for things like vacations, etc.

I love Nan's comment!

and I wonder what Homer Simpson would spend the raise $$ on?

Steve said...

If I were on a jury, I would definitely trust that lawyer.

Re. Homer Simpson: Donuts, of course!