Feb 22, 2008


My boss posted the March work schedule yesterday and this part time gig of mine has taken on a life of its own. Of the 30 work days in March (we close for Easter), I'm scheduled to work twenty. Does that seem like part time to you? It doesn't to me.

There are a couple of reasons to hope that this situation is just temporary. The first is that one of my coworkers is off on sick leave and will return soon. March is also the end of winter and the beginning of spring here in the desert. People will want to get started on all the spring stuff that they do.

Our store serves an inner city neighborhood, so there are lots of people who still use evaporative cooling. Newer homes have air conditioning, but the older ones mostly don't. Evaporative collers require a lot of start up tinkering, so we will be busy with people looking for cooler supplies. As a side note, the home pictured in the link is not one in which you would find evaporative cooling.

Another subject. I usually avoid politics, especially on my blog, but I have been following the Obama/Clinton tussle a bit. Clinton is making a big deal about Obama being long on rhetoric and short on ideas. I'm not so sure that it a bad thing. Maybe it is time for someone to come along with a different paradigm when it comes to governance. It seems that with Clinton and McCain, we are headed for more of the same old, same old, staffed by the usual suspects. Should be interesting.

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Steve said...

Ha! Yeah, that looks like an air-conditioned desert chateau to me!

I agree re. Clinton/Obama. What's wrong with being an inspirational leader?

Kurt said...

I have already begun practicing saying "President McCain."

dennis said...

Dennis loves the sound of President Obama.
Dennis does not get along well with Mister McCain.

Julia said...

When I was a kid we lived in a crappy trailer in Oklahoma with evaporative air conditioning. My dad's stereo stopped working, and when he sent it in for warrantee repair they said it had melted.

Don't forget Huckabee's in the race and he is undisputably the one Jesus would vote for.

Squirrel said...

Ahhh... nice to have a day off and hang out in or near the nest all day. I do suffer much more in summer, when the nest is broiling. Evaporative cooling is for squirrels who live close to a water source with access to a clothesline.

Professor Montblanc said...

your roses are magnificent. could you bring some bouquets to my gala next week?