Jan 24, 2008

San Pedro Chapel

Bob Dylan asked in a comment who the Lowell was that Fort Lowell was named after. I suppose I should have mentioned that.

Charles Russell Lowell was a Union general in the Civil War who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Cedar Creek in 1864. At the time of his wounding he was a colonel and as a result of his wounds, received a field promotion to general. General Lowell died of those injuries. He was only 29 years old.

This photo is of San Pedro Chapel, the neighborhood church of El Fuerte neighborhood into the 1940s. This is the third church to stand on this site and serve the Catholic population. The building was constructed in 1931 with adobe made from earth on the site.

In 1995 it was renovated and as you can see, is now under renovation again. It is my understanding that once renovations are complete the building will serve as a neighborhood center. The building is owned by the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association.

The doors were open yesterday and I was able to get a photo of the interior.

The last picture is of the Santa Catalina Mountains, which border our city on the north. I took it from in front of the chapel.

In other news, I spent three hours this morning at the garden center pruning in the rose garden. I love pruning, and the highlight of the morning for me was when one of the long-standing members told me that she didn't have the patience to do as good a job as I did. I am very good at slow repetitive work, it gives me time to think.

At twelve-thirty, I met the Seafood King and Some Guy Named Bob to play golf. It was cold and overcast, with moderate breezes. Any illusions that my golfing is improving were dispelled today. I stunk. But as the saying goes, a bad day of golf beats [fill in your answer].

I really felt bad for the Seafood King today. One of his chronologically adult daughters has made a total mess of her life and dumped her kids on The Seafood King. She is evidently leaving the state with her latest bum of a boyfriend and leaving the kids with The Seafood King and Mrs. Seafood King. He is heart-broken over this.

I reminded him that as bad as the situation is, at least she isn't dragging those poor children around the country with her. They are safe and sound with Grandpa and that's a lot. He knows all that but it doesn't make seeing your child destroy herself any easier.

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Kurt said...

I feel bad for Mr. and Mrs. Seafood King.

Great photos.

Steve said...

She's lucky, and the kids are even luckier, that the Seafood King is able to care for them. It's gotta be awful for him.

I'm with you - I LOVE slow repetitive work.

d. chedwick bryant said...

These old historic places are interesting. Nice to see them being kept up.

i love pruning and weeding (although I leave a lot of so called weeds for the huge bunny population we have.) Yesterday I watched a starving deer prune my climbing roses, oh well, it's freezing, he's hungry, and this (suburbia) was once his turf after all. The rose will come back.

How many kids did she leave? Poor kids.

phd girl said...

santa catalina is such a pretty name --nice mountains. Have you walked up them much? what's it like up thar, Pod Nar?

dennis said...

Dennis would like to live with the Seafood King!!!!!