Jan 5, 2008

Days Two and Three

Having completed my first workweek at the hardware store, I have a new appreciation for the people who work there. When I was a just customer, I thought that they just stood around waiting for a customer to come in and ask a stupid question. It turns out to be way more involved than that. What actually happens is that people buy stuff, lots of stuff, and that leads to a giant truck showing up twice a a week to deposit a mountain of new stuff in the warehouse of the store. Stuff that has to be put on the shelves, pegs and in bins. To make matters worse, the warehouse isn't a warehouse as much as an auxiliary sales area, so the mountain of stuff can't stay there. My last two days have been spent taking things out of boxes and putting them away. Plus, they don't have chairs at this place, so there is a lot of standing. About 100% of the time is spent standing, walking or bending down. This has left me with sore feet and sore knees. Luckily, I have the next 4 and a half days to recuperate. I am working four hours on Thursdays, six and a half on Friday and eight and a half on Saturday, for a total of nineteen hours a week. Will the horrors ever end? One of the things I should have seen coming but didn't, is friends and family coming into the store. I saw two former coworkers today in the store. If I wanted to see former coworkers, I would still be working at Tedious Systems. A big factor in my leaving was them. To make matters worse, Daughter Sneed and her soon-to-be-husband Greg came in on the pretext of needing SOS Pads, which evidently are no longer sold at the grocery store near their home. I'm pretty sure that the real reason for their visit was to give me a hard time. So there you go. One week down and assuming that I don't get a call telling me that I'm no longer needed, another coming up. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


Kurt said...

I'm coming in Thursday for some bug spray.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I could come into the store.

Squirrel said...

I dislike putting things back on the pegs, sometimes it is too hard. Sometimes I put things back... but on the wrong pegs. That isn't very thoughtful as "some guy" has to straighten it all out.

Steve said...

"Will the horrors ever end?"

Merle, you make me laugh. You just STARTED.

As for your former co-workers, I'm sure they'll be jealous to see that you've moved on to a low-stress, low-politics environment. (Well, I assume it's low-politics, anyway...)

bella rum said...

Livin' the dream!

I love that Daughter Sneed and her "soon-to-be" came in to harass Dad a little.

Debbie said...

That's a very interesting comment about the ex-co-workers, which you are now stuck acting nice to because you're in a job. If they just happened to see you out and about, things would be different.

I just want to mention that you might look into better shoes. There's a kind with springs in them (large, visible springs) that some people swear by. Also, of course, roller skates.