Dec 19, 2007


Noah, aka Sneedlet One, came over and spent the night last night. His mom had to go to work today and rather than having him go to daycare for just one day, he came and stayed with us. Noah hates going to daycare. He likes being at daycare, but getting him to agree to go willingly is a challenge.

Bright and early this morning he started bugging me to go to the mall so that he could play in the playground. Then he got the idea that we needed to go to the movie. We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, starring Jason Lee and a trio of computer-generated rodents.

As movies go Alvin is pretty bad, and the critics have mostly hated it. But it doesn't really matter what the critics think because it was an overwhelming hit in my four-year-old focus group of one. Even though he couldn't follow the lame-o story line, he loved the Chipmunks and the million sight gags in the movie. Only a four-year-old thinks a guy getting hit on the head with a jar of nuts is funny, but the makers of the movie understand who their audience is, so Jason Lee takes a bunch of stuff off his head at the paws of the Chipmunks.

Well, I guess the fine folks at Ace Hardware have decided that they can go on without me. I am not the least bit disappointed in this development. I'm really much too busy for a crappy job anyway.

The lovely Mrs. Sneed asked me if it was an ego downer to be rejected for a job at Ace Hardware? It really doesn't bother me at all. I always figure that if there is a problem it lies with them, not me.

Besides, this shingles business continues to nag at me. The rash and headache are gone and there doesn't seem to be any lasting issues with my eye, but I am bothered by tenderness on the left side of my face. According to Web MD, my source for medical information, it takes up to four weeks for the effects to shingles to disappear in a guy my age. I hope they're right.

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Squirrel said...

Chipmunx bad

Squirrels good

Squirrel said...
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Anonymous said...

Kids always love those chipmunks--the voices, the frenetic movements. Owls and Hawks love chipmunks too.

Steve said...

Those chipmunks are annoying enough on old 45 rpm records. I don't envy you the cinematic experience!

Chedwick University said...
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Chedwick University said...

No Chipmunk Film will ever be shown at the Campus Cinema!

Kurt said...

Did Ace call and tell you they didn't want you or did they just never call back?