Dec 2, 2007


The rain has stopped here, which is unfortunate because we could use some more. Our winter rains provide the moisture needed for spring wild flowers. No rain, no wild flowers. Last winter was dry and the one before that was way wetter than normal, so you never know. My Hacking Bird Flu has morphed into a massive headache, that seems resistant to the usual headache relief tablets. I need something stronger, but that would require a trip to the doctor and he might say I have a massive brain tumor, so that's out. Maybe it will be better tomorrow. It has been brought to my attention by more than one reader that my use of the names Sneedlet One and Sneedlet Two to identify my grandsons is confusing. I'm not one hundred percent sure that using their names would be any less confusing, but here goes. The dark-haired kid is Sneedlet One. He is the son of Daughter Sneed and his real name is Noah. Sneedlet Two is the blond one, the Son of Older Son Sneed and Daughter-in-Law Sneed and his name is Aiden. They are both four and Aiden is about a month older than Noah. An interesting thing is that because of their birth dates, Aiden will start school a year ahead of Noah. Noah was here for the entire weekend while his Mom was out of town. He often comes over on Friday evening and goes home Sunday morning, but this weekend it was Friday morning until Sunday evening. Let's just say that by this evening we were all ready for him to go home, even him. We took Noah to the mall this afternoon in hopes of getting him to have his picture taken with Santa. No go. Noah is afraid of a lot of things and Santa is one of them. He is a smart little guy though. He said that he didn't need to tell Santa what gifts he wanted because he was going to have his Mom talk to Santa for him. If the economy is headed for recession, you sure couldn't tell it by the crowds at the mall. There we no parking places and inside it was pretty packed. Mrs. Sneed is holding to her vow to do all her Christmas shopping online, so it was Santa and out the door. We had high hopes of putting up the Christmas tree today, but that didn't work out either. Maybe tomorrow, or some other time. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong, sometimes just full of it, but always judgmental and cranky


d. chedwick bryant said...

Noah is smart! Never trust a grown up who wears a costume and covers up most of his face in fake white hair. I always gave the fake Santas a wide berth.

Santa is just better left to books and poetry for some kids.down

Steve said...

I'm leaning toward the online solution, too!

Julia said...

"I need something stronger, but that would require a trip to the doctor and he might say I have a massive brain tumor, so that's out."

That made me laugh out loud. My husband and I share the same attitude, though we encourage each other to go to the doctor. We're a terrible example for the kids!

Anonymous said...

i wish i knew why i tyed the word "down" at the end of my post. I must be losing my mind.

I broke down and bought some things online.

Squirrel said...

white willow bark tea and a dark room to nap in for a bad bad headache.