Dec 16, 2007

Christmas Spirit

This post is a tip of the hat to my buddy Ched who has intimated that I am not fully onboard with this Merry Christmas business. Well, I don't have to be, because the lovely Mrs. Sneed takes care of the Christmas spirit.

This, of course, is our tree, which at last count had about 100,000 ornaments on it. Undecorating it is a pain, as though I would know.

We have plenty of pictures to commemorate Christmas's past.

Mrs. Sneed has the largest collection of Spode Christmas china west of the Mississippi. This is some of it.

You may recognize the handsome lads in the picture behind the candles on the mantle.

Many of our decorations have a special meaning. This wreath is an ongoing work by Mrs. Sneed in tribute to our little Christian. Each year Mrs. Sneed adds a new ornament to it. Each ornament represents one of Christian's favorite things.

This is another tribute. This was my mother's Christmas candle thingy. I believe she bought it from Thomas Edison himself because it is pretty old. Mom died in 1988 and we have had this lit each year for her since.


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Kurt said...

You are only slightly more onboard than me.

d. chedwick bryant said...

You have forced me to post a Christmassy post.

Professor Montblanc said...

You have outdone me, I have no Christmas china!
Merde! I will get myself to the nearest mall and try to remedy that situation.

Steve said...

You've DEFINITELY outdone me. I guess it helps to have a Lovely Mrs. Sneed to take care of things like that!

bella rum said...

Cozy! The lovely Mrs. Sneed has done a wonderful job. You are a very lucky man.