Aug 11, 2006

The New James Bond

I'm off work today. I am so happy. Before I forget, TIVO is a brand name of a digital video recorder service. A smart VCR, if you will. A very nice reader from Australia asked me to clarify. I read today that those suck-ups at Esquire magazine have named Daniel Craig, the English actor tabbed to be the new James Bond, as the world's most well-dressed man. How did I miss the list again? (click on the image for full Merle-losity) I have what I call Merle's Unified Theory of Clothing. My theory is that you should have a dozen or so pieces of clothing, half pants and half shirts, all interchangable. I always wear jeans and a pullover shirt and athletic shoes. That is unless I am going causal, I which case I wear jean shorts, a pullover shirt and flip flops. One less thing in life to think about. I sometimes see a well-dressed man and think, "I should take more interest in my appearance." But clothes never fit me right and I would have to shop, spend money and would have to iron or go to the dry cleaners. No thanks, I will stick with the standard-issue Merle suit. Well, I called my mortgage company today to see if they could fix the misapplication of my additional principal payment. The conversation went like this. Them: Chase Mortgage, how may I help you? Me: The additional principal payment that I sent was misapplied to my escrow account. Them: Can I have you account number? Me: Blah Them: What is your mailing address? Me: Blah, blah. Them: Date of Birth? Me: Blah, blah, blah. Them: Thank you for verifying your account. What was the problem with your payment? Me: The additional principal payment that I sent was misapplied to my escrow account instead of principal. Them: And it wasn't supposed to go to escrow? Me: No. Them: Where should it have been applied? Me: Principal. Them: Do you intend to send in an escrow payment later? Me: For what? Them: Escrow. Me: No. I always send in additional principal. I wasn't sending in an escrow payment. I wrote it on the line for additional principal on my coupon. You just raised my payment to cover the increase in taxes for next year. Now, you put my extra principal in escrow and lowered the payment again. Them: Once it is credited to escrow it can't be reversed. He: Then I'm stuck? Them: I'll check. Me: Check what? Them: To see if there is anyway to reverse it. Me: So you might be able to do it? Them: I doubt it, but I will ask. Me: Forget it. Them: Is there anthing else I can do for you today? Me: No. Them: Thank you for calling Chase, and have a good day. Me: Yeah. Now I have to scrape up an additional $552 next month to get back on my schedule. Merle Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong and sometimes just full of it. Tag:

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alphabet soup said...

Thanks for the info about the TIVO. I sort of understand now.

Chase Mortgage!! Makes you want to gnash your teeth doesn't it?