Aug 9, 2006

Las Vegas

Yesterday I poked fun at Oro Valley, Arizona, a.k.a., Caddyshack. This photo is taken from the site I had to visit for my work. Oro Valley may be full of itself, but it is full of nice views too. This is a plant called a Texas Ranger. It is used extesively for landscaping in the southwest because it loves the heat, needs little water and produces these nice blooms when the humidity is high, like now. I just spent a couple of hours trying to arrange a two day trip for the lovely Mrs. Sneed and me in Las Vegas. Man what a chore. Las Vegas is so popular that it is getting hard to find a hotel room under $200 per night on the Strip. You can find some cheaper rates on the north part of the Strip, but the hotels are old and kind of dated. I treid several hotel sites for prices and checked some sites like, Orbtiz, etc. Prices were high, even for mid-week. I used Southwest Airlines Vacations, and thought I had a deal at the Mirage, but I could not get anything to book. I think their server must have been down. I finally gave up. Next, I tried to Priceline a 5-star hotel for $125. No go. Usually they will counter offer around $150. They offered the Venetian for $221. No thanks. Then I tried a 4-star at $100. Nope. I used the lovely Mrs. Sneed's name and tried $120 for a 4-star. We got the Luxor, not our first choice. We have been to Las Vegas a zillion times, but we have never stayed at the Luxor. It is too far south to suit me but what can you do. I also hear the rooms are small. We will see. We have cool air service to Las Vegas. It is costing us $100 round-trip each, so that is pretty cheap. We love Southwest Air. I have to be up a 4:00 am to go pick up older sond Sneed and take him to the airport. His wife and son are visiting relatives in San Diego and he is joining them Thursday. This means that for once I will get to work early. I hate when that happens. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong and sometimes just full of it. Tag:

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Kurt said...

The Gold Coast. It's just off the strip, with a free shuttle that runs every few minutes. It's full of regular people. Reasonable, and just nice enough. No glitz and glamour, though.