Jul 21, 2006

Pack Your Bags And Grab Your Hat

Well, it was 110 degree's F today in our fair city. A new record for the date. Glad I was able to be here for it. That is hot no matter how dry it is. You New Yorkers suffering through 90 degrees can just tone it down. I am not sympathetic. The painters finished up today at about 4 pm. Casa Sneed is looking good. Steve, the contractor, called me to give me the exact amount to settle his bill for sprucing up our house. I had expected a big hassle because he underbid the job and probably lost money on the deal. We had two items that he was not able to complete and they needed to be deducted from the settlement. To his credit he was quite fair about it. Anyway, I hope to have spoken the last of our remodel and can move on to more interesting things. This little bugger is a bark scorpion, one of three common types of scorpions in our area. This one is highly venomous to humans and its bite can be quite a problem to children and older people. When I moved to our fair city from the Midwest as a child, I refused to sleep under the covers for weeks because I was sure things like this lurked beneath the bed covers. I have been here over 40 years now and can say I have never actually seen one in the house. Daughter Sneed on the other hand has seen them many times in her place. She lives in the desert whereas the lovely Mrs. Sneed and I live in the city. In the central city there is little in the way of suitable habitat for a scorpion. Perhaps you have noticed that local TV news people tend to be kind of dopey. We are having our rainy period here and the insect activity, including scorpions, has picked up. One of the local news folks was just doing a story about scorpions and actually said, "now is not a good time to get bitten." Exactly when would be ideal? Geez. Also, for their news story they had a scorpion crawling around on a table as a prop. You know, a "this is what we are talking about", type of thing. Seeing as how our local scorpion varieties tend to be smallish and kind of bland looking, they figured that they would just juice things up a bit. They rounded up a gigantic African scorpion, called a Black Emperor scorpion (not indigenous to Arizona) from somewhere and had it crawling around. It is probably someone's pet. I guess they figured that they would aid the international traveler too. Knuckleheads. Merle. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong and sometimes just full of it. Tag:

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