Jul 10, 2006

Home Remodeling and Other Stuff

(click on images to enlarge) This is a picture of Sneedlet 1 and Sneedlet 2. Son Sneed turned on the keyboard to play a song automatically and these two guys think they are playing. Of course they are only 2 1/2. When daughter Sneed took piano, there were adults playing at her recitals that thought they were playing too. The renovations in progress at Casa Sneed are moving slowly. The plan is to extend two interior walls, 1 by two feet and the other by four feet. The goal is to create more wall space so that more furniture will fit in the living room. Then the interior of the house gets painted and we recarpet the new and improved living room. So far our contractor has had one guy on the job. The guy came Friday and extended one wall by 2 feet. This wall used to be a half wall dividing the living room from the hallway. He extended it upward to the ceiling as a part of the job. He left two 2' x 2' openings. The lovely Mrs. Sneed didn't like the look so on his agenda for today was moving one of the openings. He arrived today just before 8 am and immediately left to get his materials. I left to go to work. Once back he framed in the other wall and moved the opening on the first. I came home at noon to see what was going on. He started to drywall and said he would finish that up and come back tomorrow to tape the new drywall and apply the first coat of mud. I went back to work. Evidently, he left as soon as I did, because it looks the same as it did at noon. Our contractor was also supposed to get carpet samples for us to look at but hasn't. The lovely Mrs. Sneed told me this wouldn't work out. We need the samples in order to pick paint for the living room. I called him today and he said that he was having a hard time getting around to it. I told him to take the carpeting off the contract. He was relieved to do so. We are going tomorrow night to buy our own carpet. This should speed things up. Contractors, geez. Tag:

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