Jul 29, 2006

Eating Out

We just came home from having lunch at Michas del Norte, with daughter Sneed, one Sneed son and of course, The Sneedlet, seen here. He is a handsome lad, don't you agree? We have had a fairly steady deluge of rain these past few days. How much rain, you ask? Well, enough that the airheads on the local newscasts have gone from asking the quirky weather guy if it will ever rain, to asking him when it will stop. They have a limited repertoire. Thursday is garbage pickup day for the Sneed family. We have a green garbage can and a blue recycling can. Both are picked up by a city sanitation truck from the curb in front of Casa Sneed. Wednesday night I rolled them out at 8:30. Because of the makeover of Casa Sneed, the bins runneth over. They really needed to be emptied. When I went out Thursday morning my cans had been moved to the center of my driveway and a car was parked at the curb blocking where I left them. The recycling truck had already come by and my bin was still full. Apparently, the guy next door realized that he had parked in front of them and tried to move my cans from behind his car this morning. He was too late for the recycling truck. Luckily for him I called the city and they were able to get the truck to come back. When I came home Thursday afternoon it was emptied. I really don't need this aggravation. Dr. Timothy Johnson, in an ABC News story, revealed this shocking bit of information. Restaurant food is generally full of fat and calories. That's right America, those fries are fatty. It turns out that if you load up your salad with ranch dressing...not that good. As a guy who eats every meal out, this is not welcome news. If I don't actually read the nutrional inofrmation will I be skinnier? My lunch with the family today consisted of chips, followed by more chip, then the very fine number 7A (two cheese encilladas, rice and beans), plus a flour tortilla and afterwards, ice cream. I did drink a lot of iced tea, with artifical sweetner. That has to conteract some of the lunch. That is my only meal of the day, so I will only gain about a pound or so. Let's see. If I gain a pound a day I will weight 1500 pounds when I am 60 years old. That's not so bad. Lastly, I see in the paper that some drooling jackass in Kansas has been arrested for keeping 68 pit bull dogs in the house with his two kids. Kids and dogs have been removed to protective custody and drooling jackass is in the slammer on a variety of charges. This being the good old US of A he will get a lawyer and his day in court, where said lawyer will try to peddle the story that these were 68 companion dogs and that the mountain of feces in the house piled up while he was incapacitated or something equally inane. As a side note, I just asked the lovely Mrs. Sneed if I had spelled feces correctly. She is a career G.I. nurse, so she knows feces. She remarked that feces is her business, it butters her bread, so to speak. And you wonder why I eat all my meals out. Merle. Geez, it is raining again. Things in this blog represented to be fact, may or may not actually be true. The writer is frequently wrong and sometimes just full of it. Tag:

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