Jun 6, 2006

The Last Picture Show

I have to admit that I love college softball. The Women’s College World Series has mesmerized me this week. My team, The University of Arizona Wildcats, is one game from the title, which is great. One of the great things about college softball is that it is a true amateur sport. No one leaves early for the pros, no one goes from high school directly to the draft, money has not polluted the game and the players are playing for the love of the game, not love of self. Pitchers are dominant in softball at all levels so there are a lot of tight, low scoring games. You can go out to the games and be guaranteed an exciting time, unlike college baseball where 18 – 12, 4-hour marathon games are the rule. Softball games are a 2-hour affair at most. College softball pitchers are the best in the sport. In college baseball the pitching is often second tier, because the best go straight to pro ball. Speaking of pro baseball, Barry Bonds hit another homer Monday. 39 more homers and he completes his theft of the lifetime homer record. Sports Center showed Bonds touching home and pointing heavenward. There is nothing like a cheater paying homage to his maker. I saw Hank Aaron hit numbers 715 and 755. Hank Aaron is a true professional, a great athlete, and a fine gentleman. Barry Bonds is no Hank Aaron. Tag:

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